Camila Smith, LCSW

Clinician, Clinical Officer, Professional Speaker, Educator

CEO at Elation Wellness - CCO at bekome- mindfulness facilitator at Copper Beech 

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I am a futurist visionary, social entrepreneur, and neurodivergent clinician/educator; specializing in anxiety. I've spent over a decade delving into the science of wellbeing and am completely obsessed with neuroscience, mental health, and nutrition. Doctor of Health Sciences candidate, licensed therapist, and undergraduate/graduate professor of Sociology and Psychology. 

Elation Wellness is a private practice offering therapeutic services focused on holistic wellness. 

Mindfulness facilitator: workshops and staff retreats through Copper Beech to organizations as part of the Transformative Leadership Program.

Bekome formulated the first multivitamin aimed at alleviating anxiety. We leverage the science behind the gut-brain connection to provide natural and personalized supplements and expert care. 

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