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Psychotherapist, Professional Speaker, Educator 

       Clinical Director at bekome       

Revolutionizing and breaking mental health stigmas through innovation, education, and advocacy. 


I've spent over a decade delving into the science of wellbeing and specialize in the treatment of anxiety. I am a psychotherapist, proud Clinical Director at bekome-- an innovative company helping individuals become their healthiest self by decreasing anxiety through supplementation. We've formulated the first multivitamin for anxiety! Curious? Click here to learn more!


I am also a hypnotherapist, yoga instructor,  and completing my doctorate in Health Sciences with a Clinical Nutrition concentration. Can you tell I am fascinated with health and wellness? I am fully devoted to learning and educating! I LOVE studying the gut-brain connection, neuroscience, mental health, & nutrition!

Did you know we have a "second" brain?
Yep! Let's talk about the gut-brain connection

The mind-body connection is complex, however the link between nutrition and mental health is clear.