Gut-Brain Connection:

A Clinical Mental Health Guide

What you will gain:

Calling all cutting-edge therapists, wellness coaches, and health professionals ready to elevate their practice! 


Let’s talk about the gut-brain connection. 


Maybe you’ve heard about it, but don’t *really* understand the connection between our gut health and mental health. You know that it’s not all in “our head” and want to offer an integrative approach. You are very aware of how food impacts our mood, but do you know how? 


 I’ve spent YEARS delving into the latest research and have A LOT to share with you. I promise it will blow your mind.


I’ve created a 2-hour course that is jam-packed with information that I guarantee will leave you feeling confident and excited. This information will broaden your knowledge and strengthen your clinical practice. 

  • A deeper understanding of the HPA-Axis, ENS system, and Parasympathetic and Sympathetic system.

  • Fundamentals of gut-health: common nutritional deficiencies in MH disorders, use of pre/probiotics to regulate mood, and review of mood boosting foods.

  • Review of emerging research on the use of Complimentary and Alternative medicine for mental health treatment. 

  • The function of major neurotransmitters and natural boosters.

This is a 2-hour event

Hosted by Camila Smith, LCSW. 

Camila is a licensed psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, and completing a Doctor of Health Science degree with a Clinical Nutrition Concentration.

She is also a professor at the University of New Haven, teaching graduate and undergraduate Sociology and Psychology courses.


- "I loved the information on the sx of deficiencies mirroring mental health issues and the remedies."

- "All of it was fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed the presentation! I'm still processing so much of it, but the specific info on HPA Axis was fascinating!"

-"I though it was really good - from the information to the presentation. Thank you for not just reading from the slides. I feel like too many people do that"

-"I would love a part 2!"



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