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Kim and Catherine speak with Camila Smith, LCSW, DHSc, a licensed psychotherapist and self proclaimed anxiety and gut-brain specialist. A troubled stomach can send signals to the brain, just as a brain that is in distress can send signals to the gut. It is all connected. A person's stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression. That's because the brain and the gastrointestinal (GI) system are intimately connected. When you add alcohol into the mix, it gets even more complicated. This week, the ladies talk about the correlation between alcohol, anxiety, stress and shame. Camila, Kim and Catherine also discuss how sobriety allows you to create new neural pathways to replace old patterns of behavior.

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There is a direct connection between gut health and mental health. Learn how the food you eat and supplements you take can impact anxiety and calm your mind with Camila Smith, LCSW, DHSc, licensed psychotherapist, anxiety expert and Chief Clinical Officer at bekome, a mental wellness supplement company and sponsor of this podcast.

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