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Overcoming the guilt of financial freedom

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

It is 1:32 pm on a Tuesday, and I am sitting at Bartleby’s in Mystic drinking a toffee crunch latte. On the drive here, I grappled with feeling guilty that I am driving to get coffee, while many people are working. As I drove around on this beautiful cloudy day, I caught a glimpse of what appears to be just another day at work for many. And the nagging little voice pops into my head-- “shouldn’t you be working?” It resembles the voice of my mother at times, who lovingly says, “Oh, you’re not seeing clients today? How’s business going?” There is an undertone of worry and anxiety because not working= not getting paid= financial fear. I’ve had to break free from this lingering fear, because it kept me doing things that did not make me happy. When we stop focusing on money and spend our time investing in our passion, success follows. And yes, you can be happy, prosperous, and financially free-- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

That, in a nutshell, captures one of the most common fears, which is that “time is money,” and we have to invest our time into things that will get us paid. And while yes, this is partly true, this creates an anxiety-induced concept of time, because following this philosophy, wasting time is wasting money. To avoid this fear, we invest our time into things to feel successful-- but you can spend 60+ hours in a job that you are unhappy with, and still not feel successful, but instead be on the verge of burnout. The reality is that time is precious, valuable, and learning to understand and invest it, is one of the keys to success!! 

Let me be honest… I’ve been on the verge of burnout-- I am always on the go, busy, completely overloaded with activities and commitments. And I am not complaining, because I am high energy and thrive when fully submerged in doing things that I love. Between being a professor, therapist, doctoral student, and working on creating my ideal future-- I AM BUSY. Sometimes more than others, during the summer, I have more free time, and you’ll likely find me outdoors paddle boarding, playing, or exploring. But there are times where my days start at 8 am and end at 9 pm, every day. 

Last semester was too much-- but giving up is not an option, so I got through it. And not to toot my own horn, but this girl passed all classes with A+! While I made it, I realized something very valuable--- I was functioning, getting by, managing-- but I was not dreaming, creating, or thriving. I cut down on teaching for this current semester, and let me tell you I’ve done more in two weeks than I did in three months. 

And here I am today, I’ve got nothing on my plate-- but yet I feel like I am doing the most critical work of all: investing time into myself! I am spending time creating a vision of my future, treating myself to coffee, and giving myself the gift of time. And let me tell you something, CREATIVITY IS PRICELESS!

So here’s are some tips to get you on a path of financial freedom:

  • Drop the idea that time is money, RIGHT NOW. 

  • Ask yourself: if I didn’t have to worry about money, what would I be doing right now? 

  • Take inventory of your daily routine. What are you doing with your time? TV? Social media? Work? Does what you are doing day-to-day line up with your dreams?

  • Invest time into yourself and things that make you happy. I am not talking about passing the time, “numbing out,” but activities that get your creativity going.

  • POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS! Wake up everyday and repeat a very simple phrase: “I am abundant”!

  • Invest your time into self-development and understanding the fundamentals of financial freedom. If you haven't read the book Profit First.. DO IT! Link below. I personally like to listen to audible books because I can maximize my time-- listen while showering or doing dishes! You can try it out for free!!


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