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What is Wellness? And Spirituality?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

To simply put it, it is a state of good health- this means a balanced mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state. Modern society is suffering from a severe increase in chronic illnesses, including obesity, metabolic disorders, and neuropsychiatric conditions, like anxiety and depression. In a world of instant connection, thanks to technology, we are becoming more disconnected and lonely.

Modern medicine has made incredible strides; however, Western medicine is compartmentalized. It means we are treated part-by-part, not as a whole being, this can leave us in an endless cycle of miscommunication and frustration as we get bounced around! As a licensed mental health provider, I value and respect traditional treatment practices. However, throughout years of experience, I also realize we are falling short-- modern medicine fails to address the spiritual component. Wellness is reaching a state of self-actualization, in which we experience good health, feel connected to the world around us, and understand our purpose. It is loving authentically and enjoying life!

Let's talk about balance! How are you doing mentally? Physically? Spiritually? 

The word spirituality can be scary for some. It often feels like an elusive concept, reserved for those who "know how to." The reality is that being spiritually connected isn't about "knowing," it is about feeling connected, supported, loved, and infinitely valuable. There isn't a definitive way to know whether someone cares for you-- because let's face even those who love us can hurt us. But choosing to feel worthy is entirely within your ability. For today... I suggest taking one second to say to yourself:



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