Hypnosis is the ultimate mind-body integration, allowing us to tap into the core of our being. It is a powerful tool and incredibly healing!

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs uncover and heal unhelpful beliefs and phobias. 


As an entrepreneur and a healer, I understand first-hand the mental chatter that often gets in the way of taking risk and believing in our magic. But it isn't just chatter, they are deeply embedded beliefs that we've been conditioned to believe. Through hypnotherapy, we will work together to address whatever is holding you from fully unleashing.

And, phobias. I was once terribly afraid of spiders and I am proud to say I no longer risk going into cardiac arrest every time I encounter them. Phobias can be successfully treated with hypnosis! Sometimes in as little as one session. It's liberating, trust me. 

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Hypnosis: Healing the Brilliant Entrepreneur Mind 



Entrepreneurs are those of us who make deliberate choices to step outside of the comfort zone. It’s those who recognized that the system wasn’t working and did something about it. And with these massive shifts, comes the awareness of what no longer serves us. Entrepreneurship is the ultimate journey of self-discovery and courage.


Do the following statements speak to your journey?


I can’t do it 

I am not an expert 

I don’t know what I want 

I don’t have enough money/time/energy 


These aren’t just unhelpful thoughts, they are deeply embedded belief systems that at some point were necessary for survival, and deserve to be honored and loved. The accompanying feelings of shame, guilt, inadequacy, and fear are there to protect you. You probably know this and have probably tried to work through it-- therapy, meditation, introspection… but in the most unwanted moment, these thoughts come back like clockwork. 


I am not here to tell you to “change” these thoughts, because I can assure you that it will not work, in the long term. We CANNOT throw them away, because they are a part of us. The key is not to reject ourselves, but to heal. The kind of healing that I am talking about doesn’t have to take decades and cannot be done through cognitive work. It is a raw and beautiful exploration into the depth of our soul, where the scared little child lies afraid, in the very place where these beliefs developed. 


It is a transformative experience achieved through hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is an evidenced-based practice with a plethora of research. Hypnotic trance is a deep state of relaxation, which allows us to enter the subconscious and unconscious. This is where all of the deep seated-beliefs are stored. And it isn’t just about changing them, but healing. A hypnotherapy session includes:


  • Identification of unhelpful core belief

  • Age regression to uncover root cause and experience linked to distorted belief

  • Inner child and energetic healing

  • Post-hypnotic healing suggestion to replace unwanted thought/feeling


Sessions are approximately two-hours and are done virtually. You will need a quiet and comfortable space where you can lay down, free of distractions. You will receive an audio recording of the healing component to listen to after the session, along with a 7 day affirmative assignment to reinforce the hypnotic suggestion. I am a healer and an entrepreneur, and will be here to support your journey. My mission is to bring healing to those who are bold and courageous, yet scared and uncertain, because the world needs us.


There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis. After a decade of being in the mental health field as a psychotherapist, I assure you that hypnotherapy can bring enormous healing that can otherwise be difficult to access. 




Hypnotherapy session (120 minutes): $395

Hypnotherapy Q&A consultation (30 minutes): $125 


Hypnotherapy evaluation and demonstration (60 minutes): $220

Phobia Session (45 minutes): $175



I am available Tuesdays and Thursdays, with flexible hours between 9am- 6pm EST.

If that does not work, please do contact me. We can work together to find a suitable time.

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