Camila Smith, LCSW


Hi, I'm Camila!

I am a mind-body advocate, highly intuitive, brain-geek, and animal lover.

I am a mental health and social wellness advocate with over a decade of training and experience in a variety of healing modalities. I am passionate about holistic wellness and social justice. My work focuses on empowering individuals, communities, and organizations to create meaningful social impact.


I am Licensed Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist who specializes in integrative wellness. I am completing a Doctorate in Health Science with a Clinical Nutrition concentration. I am also involved with a non-profit organization that offers animal-assisted and art therapy. I've collaborated with other local organizations to facilitate programs and experienced leading groups. 


I am a professor at the University of New Haven and teaches undergraduate and graduate Sociology and Psychology courses.


I am a yoga teacher and strongly believe in the mind-body-spirit connection.